This site is dedicated to the memory of June Rose Hodges.

June Rose Hodges (nee Sprigg) was born in Smethwick on May 27, 1933. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.


Mom my life is empty without you, even now after all this time I still weep over your memory, I seem to be the only one who submits anything to this memorial site in your memory, it pains me to think nobody else cares now your gone, I know what it feels like to be ignored and forgotten, I don't grieve over my siblings or my family, they don't care about me so I just carry on living my life and doing what you told me to do by staying out of trouble and keeping myself to myself, I don't mind being alone I've always lived alone I'm my own best friend that way I don't get hurt or disappointed. I miss your Sunday dinners I often think about your meals which I always enjoyed eating. Birthdays and Christmas are hard for me also the day you left this world. I get by and do what I'm supposed to do I have my moments when things are tough but I get through it. Mom I will never forget you like the others have, I will uphold this site until I no longer am physically able. I love you mom and greatly miss you your loving son Mark xxx
Sent by mark on 17/10/2013
Sent by mark on 23/08/2013
Christmas Without You Christmas without you here with me, can never possibly be the same. But I carry an Angel within my heart; one so precious, who has your name. An Angel forever watching over me, at Christmas time, and over the year. Although you can't be here anymore, inside my heart, you are so very near. There is no special present for you, wrapped up under my Christmas tree. But I have a greater gift to give to you; all the love you can still feel from me. No, Christmas time without you here, could not ever possibly be the same. But, I have had the precious gift of you, and the memories and love, will remain.
Sent by mark on 15/11/2011
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